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The landlord is increasing our rent extortionately in September which means we’ve been priced out of our lovely sea view flat in the building with the perfect lift and it is too stressful to move every year. I’ve lived in three different flats in the past two years and uuuuugh.

I have done so much crying and stressing and worrying about this in the past week and it’s really, really sucked. We tried to stay but it just couldn’t work; today my heart broke a little when, less than 24 hours after we’d finally confirmed, I saw our flat listed on RightMove. 

I’m lucky cause I’ve got lots of help and support around me but I’m doing my MA too supposedly (on top of working full time) and can’t really focus at all because it’s stressful. I just packed my first box up today, a bashed up one that I didn’t throw out last summer, and ugggghhh I hate moving so much. I hate it I hate it I hate it. It never gets easier. I’ll spend these summer months at work trying to focus when really I just need to be here with my stuff, anti-nesting. 

I’ve moved every single year since 2006, bar 2008 (when I only partly moved out) and 2012. 6/8 years. Yuck. Moving is to the summer months what exams used to be.


The Cabazon Dinosaurs: A Surprise in the Desert

For more photos of Dinny and Mr. Rex, explore the Cabazon Dinosaurs location page.

For any adventurous road-tripper making the 157-kilometer (97.5-mile) drive between Los Angeles and Palm Springs, California, there are three surefire signs that you’re on your way: vast expanses of desert, fields of industrial windmills—and dinosaurs.

Dinny the Dinosaur and her companion, Mr. Rex, tower over the horizon of Cabazon, California. The pair were created by sculptor Claude K. Belle as a roadside wonder to attract customers to his Wheel Inn Restaurant located beneath their feet. Belle led the project without the help of external companies, opting instead to work with a few friends to complete his vision.

Dinny, an Apatosaurus, came first in 1981, built from salvaged interstate materials over the course of 11 years. In all, she measures 46 meters (150 feet) in length and stretches 14 meters (45 feet) into the sky. Mr. Rex, who is slightly taller at 20 meters (65 feet) came next in 1986. Made from concrete and steel, both dinosaurs weigh more than 100 tons each.

In addition to their photogenic exteriors, the dinos were designed as hollow structures that visitors can explore. Dinny’s belly contains a gift shop and adventurous Instagrammers can scale Mr. Rex for a shot of the desert horizon through the Tyrannosaurus’s mouth.

TW: Rape


I felt there was something useful in having a rape victim who was innocent, as opposed to, “She shouldn’t have gone out in that skirt.” Our way of dramatizing it was to make a rape story where the victim hadn’t done anything to merit it except be nice. - Julian Fellowes (

This is the main reason why I don’t watch Downton Abbey anymore, because the rape scene was so unnecessary and so poorly justified. Fellowes’ disgusting justification of it just makes me want to bang my head against a wall. We live in an age where the slut/virgin excuses are still being used every damn day and shows like Downton Abbey should be doing a whole lot more than just perpetuating this myth. Rape is rape, full stop. No one ‘asks’ for it in their dress or behaviour. FFS Fellowes.



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